Estancia Ninette Uruguay

Estancia Ninette is the only MGW lodge in Uruguay. Estancia Ninette is a premier lodge due to the many hunting and fishing opportunities located only a short distance from the lodge. This lodge offers phenomenal high volume dove hunting, perdiz and pigeon hunting as well as golden dorado and wolf fish (tararira) fishing. Estancia Ninette is located on the banks of the Rio Negro River in the state of Soriano, Uruguay near the town of Mercedes. Estancia Ninette can accommodate up to 16 hunters.

  • The accommodations of Estancia Ninette are comfortable and all 8 rooms enjoy the views of the Rio Negro River. Each room is suite style and is set up for double occupancy.

  • Hunters will enjoy the gourmet food and superb Malbec wine in the main dining area.

  • Estancia Ninette has a relaxing porch popular among all hunters and fishermen. The porch is a gathering area that overlooks the river and is the place for drinks, cigars, and the biggest fish stories one has ever heard!

  • Estancia Ninette is also compete with a pool where you can take a dip (weather permitting), relax, and enjoy a drink after a day of hunting.