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Argentina & Uruguay

Hunting & Fishing Opportunities

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MGW Outfitters operates and owns wingshooting, big game, and fishing lodges in the Argentine Providences of La Pampa, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, and Cordoba as well as the state of Soriano, Uruguay near the town on Mercedes. There are many opportunities to experience the best that Argentina or Uruguay has to offer the outdoorsman. Whether it is experiencing the acrobatic jumps of the Golden Dorado or the incredible pull and fight that a Wolf Fish (Tararira) exhibits while using either fly fishing or baitcasting fishing gear – the fisherman will experience the best that South America has to offer. Wingshooting enthusiasts will experience the best high volume shooting in the world! Year round opportunities exist for a hunter to harvest over 1,000 doves in a single day of relaxing shooting complete with an exclusive and unique dining and culinary experience that will excite any taste buds. A typical day begins with a full breakfast, a trip into the field or on the water, a relaxing lunch either back at the lodge or in the field, another hunting or fishing experience and the day is completed with drinks and appetizers followed by a dinner with the courses influenced by the local South American culture. Following dinner, expect to be wowed by the dessert presentation – many hunters come for the desserts as much as they come for the birds, fish, or big game animals. Following dinner, relax and enjoy the wild “fish stories” of the day around the pool or fire pit and anticipate the experiences that tomorrow will bring.


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MGW Outfitters hope that you will allow us to fulfill that bucket list trip. We have many opportunities that await your arrival:

  • Wingshooting:
    - Dove, Duck, Perdiz, and Pigeon

  • Fishing:
    - Golden Dorado, Wolf Fish

  • Big Game Hunting: (85,000 Acres of Free Range Hunting Area & 18,000 Acres of Sanctuary / High Fence Hunting Area)
    - Red Stag, Water Buffalo, Blackbuck, Mouflon Sheep, Hybrid Mouflon, Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Multi-Horned Ram (aka. 4-Horned Ram or Sheep), Wild Boar, Dorset Hybrid Ram, Karakul Ram, Scottish Black Face Ram, Somalia Ram, Feral Goat


Please contact us at +1-334-569-9624 to set up your Argentina or Uruguay experience of a lifetime!!!